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An Honest Walk With Christ

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Lor: Dear Christ is there anything you wish to speak to me today?

Christ: Awwww, my son why do you boast of my ways when you are so young in your walk with me in these days?

Why do you preach my name when you have known me for such little time? I know your love for me is great and mine for you is vast, you speak to me yes, but you have little endurance and folly on your faith. You need time for my seed in you to grow to bare fruit, so you can feel peace and grace knowing you have me beside you.

To be at Ease

To be at Ease and trust I will take care of thy, the people of this land, don't wish to hear you speak of me, they wish to feel and see your actions and deeds. Show them by the labor of your hands, I am the missing piece for them to live there dreams. Show them by your blood, sweat and tears you can only be because of me.

"Lost in Darkness you would have been"

For Lost to Darkness evil and sin you would have been if it was not for me, the loving Christ being.

Patience, patience will cleanse you, patience will bless you. Be patient with your wife, be patient with your friends, be patient with yourself. Patience comes from within. If you can not wait, then you will be early or late, never on time for that is divine.

So please, develop your ability to wait, and be careful not to hate or take my name in vain, that will blind you to the Path of the Pearly gate. To develop your ability to wait and no longer house hate will reduce your over all pain.

The next day after a bit of a mental break down and an apology.

Lor: Dear Christ, what do you wish to speak to me today to improve my ways of living and faith?

Christ: Lor, I rebuke you, I forgive you, I love you, so I train and discipline you. The words I spoke that hurt you are done out of love. I want to see you grow to be more then enough. I made you to help me lead the people out of sin. So you must know what I mean when I say sin comes from within. The ways of man we push away and ignore. Those are the ways and thoughts that make us folly at the door.

When we come so close yet fall away, it's those parts of you that hide and fear the safety and play during these days. So don't ignore what is not good within you. Let it rise up, and confront it with love in your heart. No part of man's history needs to continue to be, for I Christ am letting man walk with me to purify and cleans there karmic history.

Just because you're flawed doesn't mean I won't love thy. Just relax and allow me to help show you what needs to be cleaned. So you can join me in helping lead to a brighter Destiny for humanity. Let Christ be your answer and key to find internal and external peace. Embrace your journey and mystery.

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