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How this all began: When Lor and Julia Met

On October 17, 2019 a boy and a girl met out in the high plain forests of Okanogan, Washington during a well known Okanogan Fair of Barter

Barter Fair. 

People and creatures from all around gather to bare gifts, goods, and services for all who come. To be merry and crazy, to have fun and to heal. 

We gathered at Barter Fair to meet our loved ones. 

A girl from a Christian home, a boy from a Christian-Sin filled home.

A girl on a journey to find herself and God through her art.

A boy on a journey to forgive himself for the deeds he was delt.  

Both unexpecting of what God was about to do. This story will prove Christ Loves you. 

On night one when the moon was almost full, the boy wanders around to peek his curiosity and maybe smoke a bowl.

He eats a small mushroom to brighten up his journey and sight, to see what treasures this land holds in the moonlight. 

Julia at this moment is 3 rows down from where Lor and his friends are camped. As she plays with her hair and takes a step back to look at her art. She decides "I need warmer clothes. It's cold, ill get more dressed that will be smart."

After getting dressed at her car, the girl returns to look one last time at her set up art, and maybe do some doodling of the people she sees, and all the wired ways god created these beings. She goes back into the tent where her art hangs. Other people are now admiring the color coted canvas stains, one girl speaks, "this piece is, wow! Like a cathedral, It make my heart want to weep!"

Julia takes notice of the godly energy, imprinting onto people's hearts and words when they speak. She wants to remember the feedback she hears, so she steps out front of the tent to write down what she has hears and sees. She lifts the pen to write, and she senses a person walking her direction in the dim moonlight, little light considering it to be 10pm, she could only see the outline of someone who feels like a dear close friend.

Her spirit felt like she knew the person she could barely see, so she took a step in his direction. "Is that my friend?.. yes!.. no wait.. it's not? Ok, I'll wait for him to turn around to see his face." 

Both of them were bundled up 4 layers deep to stay warm in the bone-chilling Washington night. She was wearing a big fluffy coat with her rainbow zebra onesie. 

Lor was captivated by the art he saw. Looking at a style of beauty he'd never seen or felt before. He noticed the unique wings of a boy and girl kissing, what colors and texture, and I think it might be moving and calling to me! He wondered who this artist could be? One of a kind, no doubt. He scanned the people inside the tent, no one he saw looked fitting to have created such works of art. 

He leaned out of the tent and looked towards the mannequin he saw as he walked in. IT BLINKED! "OH JEEZLUS!!!" His heart jumped into his throat, he was so startled, he almost puked on his coat! This most wonderful laughter came from the Girl, as she realized how creepy and still she had stood with her notepad and her hood. As she staired at this young man in order to recognize him. He mistook her for a mannequin but she felt like a dear close friend. 

The only part of him that she could see in the dark moonlight was his smile as he laughed off his startled stress. The two of them greeted each other with laughter and hugs. They mutually noticed how natural, comfortable, and delightful it was to be with the other. 

They learned each other's names and that Lor had come to the fair to practice his healing work. Julia told him she believed that he had a genuine gift, she could feel he cares for people. She also sensed that maybe he could help her heal from her complicated set of health issues with Celiac disease and skin issues. 

Julia felt the sensation of a strong current directing her to hang out with this man. She said ok and sought where it went. And well, the rest is history! Love at first sight is a real phenomenon after all. 

A month later, when they met up in Guatemala, Lor helped Julia heal from all of her diseases and emotional trauma stored in her body after 1.5 months of consistent sessions! This is the part where they fell deeper in love. Read more chapters of this Love Story on our blog as we post them!


These are the pieces Lor laid eyes upon in the tent when they met. They put these pieces in the tent where he was practicing his massage and frequency work. 

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