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Introducing - "Divine Protection"

Hi there! This is Jewels. It has been a very long time since I have sat at the computer to nurture this platform. I have taken a healthy hiatus from social media as well. Living my own life has been the most courageous ongoing act I can speak for. We as a collective whole and the Earth herself, are going through rapid and massive changes, as you have already felt and endured yourself. I am going to speak about the story context and deeper symbolism I learned from a new favorite piece of mine that has birthed out of my inspired dance with paints and brushes.

"Divine Protection" began in November 2020. Created amid mask-wearing, political fights, family arguments, the fate of the USA, and the general social controlling B.S. from everyone playing the game of the elites. I perceived what was happening, and a shocking amount of people did not. How weird were those days?

I felt the pressure big time. (I was also newly married that year to Lor - my knight in shining armor.)

What ended up happening was feeling a significant part of my spirit and heart-space aiming towards the heavens and into the solar system with other planets. I can admit, I was looking for an escape from the intensity I was perceiving playing around me.

I set up my tripod, canvas, and paints in my mom's kitchen next to the window. It overlooked a wide view of the James River and a hillside of sleeping trees with a big pole flying the American flag in a wilted position at the top.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was swollen with energy in motion - also known as emotion. Going into the scape within, I swam through the dense heavy atmosphere and reached for the sensation of expansion, timelessness, and elevation- rising above the madness! I prayed, breathed, and grounded myself.

I began painting. I dabbled, smacking the canvas lightly, scrubbing around with a round brush and completely let it flow, unhinged. I had a 16 x 20 canvas, so I used a medium/small brush to begin with. It takes longer for it to fill the canvas and I can fit more expressive motions than if I used a large brush to cover. Vines, snakes, wiggly lines and waves of energy, blacks, greens, browns. 45 minutes later, I moved through the last stage of making some order to the chaos. This is how I prefer to start any painting. Emotional outpour - the only part that matters is covering the whole canvas!

I paused. Ate food and returned. I then overlayed a light creamy tone over top of the disruptive energy I moved through.

Geometric shapes were new to my vision, as new as Lor was. When we were getting to know each other in Guatemala, I began seeing triangles with circles in them or vice versa. I used a plastic cup to dip into some paint and stamped the perfect circle to the canvas - gently, oh so gently (I am gentle in my approach).

I placed circles with triangles inside them on either side. In the middle, I gently dotted out the 2D outline of an important shape that I later learned about. Little did I know at the time how geometric shapes make up the building blocks of our world!

Lastly, I grounded the piece by putting the suggestion of mountains at the bottom.

3 Years later, I returned to this canvas with wisdom and a mature graceful precision I had learned from my traveling life with my Savior and Lord Yeshua, following the Spirit's wind. Coming back to the piece after developing internally, was a reminder that what I considered an "eh" piece simply wasn't finished yet. It was a level of flow that I could paddle into and see how I have matured over the years. I did not mentally know ahead of time what I would create, but I could feel the energy surging and inviting me into a spectacular wave.

Here is good description of the middle shape known as a Star Tetrahedron or Merkaba (Star of David) from "The Star Tetrahedron is the geometric and energetic representation of the human body, heaven, and earth, male and female. Merkaba is the Egyptian word for this shape. "Mer" translated into the word "Light". "Ka" refers to the Spirit and "Ba" refers to the physical body." In the heart, we find the bridge between Heaven and Earth. I have felt and believed that my communication with God or the Spirit of life is found in the heart. Our hearts produce an energy field around us and I feel when I pray for protection, the shield around me gets stronger and I feel peaceful within.

I hear many people say something along the lines of, "Wow, I could never do something like that! Seeing an image in my mind and making it is so difficult!" and I will tell you, rarely is that the case for me. My pieces, such as this one, are formed through pure intuitive motion and allowance of what is inspired at the moment. I learn a lot from what comes through my paintings. What a profound journey of trust, surrender, and unfoldment of innate wisdom it has been.

I would love to hear your interpretation and interaction with "Divine Protection." What does it communicate to you? Send me an email or comment on the post. Mugs, T-shirts, posters and laminated prints are available upon request! Please, if you appreciated or got anything out of this post and are able, all purchases help me to continue living life and creating art from the heart. Thank you for reading! May you feel Divine Protection over you and loved ones today.



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