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What was your experience working with Lor?

Julia S

Working with Lor was absolutely incredible! He helped attune my being into harmony. I struggled with Celiacs Disease for 9 years and could feel my body's inability to absorb minerals and nutrients. I had constant fatigue, severe acne, and extreme digestive pain. After working with Lor, my nervous system was realigned (among MANY other functions) which allows me to properly absorb my nutrients! I now have energy to participate in life with CLEAR SKIN and can digest food properly! I can even digest gluten!! He honestly has a gift from God to understand and work with the body in precise intuition. The frequencies and HCT is a powerful combo. I am so grateful for this second chance to live a quality life!
Thank you, Lor!!

Peter B

I have always been leery of someone who is touted as an "energy/spiritual healer."   Although, if you are interested in looking within, introspectively and desiring to possibly find the nucleus of certain issues that have plagued you for years, I would highly recommend  Lor Christensen.  His usage of HCT (Heart Centered Therapy) works hand and hand with his understanding of the physical body. He is also way beyond his years with his knowledge of physiology and how the body's organ systems all should work in harmony. Then, when you combine this with his wonderful bedside manner, passion to help and caring spirit, this creates the perfect environment for healing. I never imagined I would ever let down my guard long enough to experience this new dimension of understanding. Thank you, Lor!!!



Brian S

Hear Brian's experience of quickly getting relieved of kidney stones!

Rene B

As I have begun to believe that one has the power to heal oneself (thru mediation etc.), and I have always believed in other alternative healing modalities, it was not until my recent experiences did I feel this for myself.  Once I opened my mind, body and soul to this beautiful individual Lor Christensen, I started on a journey of self-realization, healing(physical, spiritual & emotional) and clarity for my individuality.


His intuitive mind and wonderful knowledge of how the body functions and how the energy centers are connected to our divine being helped me and is still helping me.  Initially, he did not know much about me, my life, my physical ailments or my spiritual awareness, but as we began our journey together he intuitively knew what was needed most thru the RIFE frequencies and the HCT therapies for my healing.


The HCT was absolutely AMAZING, delving into our innermost being: heart issues, past lives, and ancestors etc.  When combined with the RIFE treatments this was an extremely powerful and positive experience.  I would recommend anyone who would want healing in any area to pursue getting to know and experience the healing of this man.


Lor, you opened my eyes to a great new world.....with much gratitude and love.



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