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Awakening Painting

Lion of Jason's Song Awakening Painting
Rise of the Feminine Awakening Painting
I Am Consciousness Awakening Painting
Senna Letting Go Awakening Painting
Man Awakening Awakening Painting
Jewels Within Awakening Painting

What is this series and service about?


You may have noticed that our planet and collective of people are going through massive shifts. The underlaying truths are coming to the surface and much of it is rather disturbing. Change can be perceived and felt as difficult. However, there is incredible beauty to behold in seeking God for the real truths of what is happening. What is happening is a global invitation to Awaken to reality of the soul and the fact that God, Yahweh, is real and wants us to know him because he Loves us. 

These Awakening Paintings are a service to the ones seeking to know the Truth and what it looks like to Awaken to Reality in discovering what beautiful aspects are reflected with God. 

We are both unique in our paths and also share in universal feelings. These paintings are spawned by the uniqueness of you and the possible shared experience of our surrender to Love.

If you would like to share your story/testimony in this way, please contact me (Jewels)!

What inspired this Prophetic Visionary Art concept?

When I (Jewels) was a young art student in Northern Colorado, my passion for painting was ignited when I realized that I could express and visually show what was unseen to our eyeballs, such as emotions and the spirit realm. This helped me tremendously in sorting through and feeling my emotions. In stages of life that felt confusing and painful, I started painting self-portraits where I moved my body in integrity with how I felt. I video recorded my movements and screenshotted the poses of the movements that resonated. After depicting my figure, I explored the surrounding atmosphere with gentle glowing highlights and expressive strokes. What's the spiritual presence around me? How do we connect? What's the attitude of the Spirit's Loving presence that is in and around me?  This is where it all started. I explored people, creatures, scenery, and energy. How does energy move? Intuitively, I felt the movements and surrendered to the flow. And, WOW. Something so mystical and beautiful would emerge. The hand of God, a perfect horse face, the Spirit of Life swooping into the heart, perfect lighting details, incredibly real crying eyes on a beautiful girl being cradled by the hands of God, or a Jaguar Fairy.  But most of all, I could see what I needed to see for CLARITY of where I was at on my journey and deep wisdom that transmitted through the image. As people came across my path, they'd ask me for a painting of them. I used this same process with them. I used their pictures that resonated, and I painted them. Then I painted the energies around them. Their vibe was put into colors. Their essence was captured through the surrendered intuitive painting flow of my hand. I caught onto the theme that I can capture another's essence as well. What's the relationship of the Spirit and another? How does Love's presence present itself to them? How does Love Magic appear through this person?  ​When the events of 2020 happened, I had time to feel into what I could create to have the most positive impact on people. When I realized I can paint anything, I felt a responsibility to paint truth and love in action. What would this be? The Soul Essence being reflected back to the viewer. To reflect truth of Beingness back to the Being. Why is this important? To know who you are. To know one's identity so that one's purpose can be sought after. What's one's purpose? It's found within One's relationship with God in reconciliation, trust, love, bliss, joy, assurance, and strength. To then Trust in the passion and inspirations in your heart, and follow that! My brushes are uneven and messy in the eyes of others. Because of the brush's crude and random bristles, they have made the most beautiful aethereal strokes. They have been a tool of masterpieces. I trust my textures and my sensitive eye to color and shade. I trust the Holy Spirit that has merged with me to co-create these pieces through me in order to bring beautiful, hopeful, and healing messages into the world.

What does the Spirit want to Show to you on your unique path? 

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Soul Reflection Painting With Jewels
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"This sounds awesome!..
How much $$ is this?"

Money is an exchange of energy. Jewels does this for a living, so of course, the money is used to keep her and her family fed and housed so that they can continue to live and produce loving works into the world. 

These special pieces start at $1111. Please contact Jewels to discuss the details of what various price points will include. Payment Plans are always an option, so don't allow the price to scare you if you feel the pull to this service. Jewels is more than happy to work with you in a flexible manner! 

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