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Frequency Healing and Harmonizing  

Healing and harmonizing your body one Frequency at a time!

Hello fellow human, are you struggling with:

mental disorders?

physical ailments? 

spiritual attacks?

maybe chronic disease or even chronic injuries?

Are you looking for relief, or a tool/technique to put your body back in harmony? 

Have you ever thought of disease in terms of frequency, geometry or a symphony?

 Looking for answers and help that won't cost all your money?


Custom Frequency Healing Programs

What do Frequencies and Geometry have to do with Health?

Disease occurs through the process of dis-harmonies Frequencies changing and distorting the geometry blueprint of the body.

When a symphony of Frequencies of the organs or glands becomes distorted through toxins and traumas, we end up with disease or disfunction in that area of the body where we are storing traumas and toxins.

This then intern, distorts the health blueprint of the body because of the need to create compensation for the toxins or traumas.


What Lor does in service to help the world is:

I found the specific Frequencies to harmonize all the humans' organs, glands and tissues of the body to re-harmonize the thriving life and song of the body; in order to create a thriving relationship of frequencies and pathways for light (communication) to travel in and outside the body. 

How long does it take to see results?

This process can take between 1-3 months to fully put back together the parts of your body, mind, and Spirit.

I have created  programs for you that will run between 25min to 1hour with about 18-24 frequencies in each program working on roughly 2-4 aspects of your dis-eased conditions.

Frequency Healing 

Please click the button bellow if you wish to get bio-resonance healing guidance or care.

Lor's History and Purpose 

With 8 years of practice in both treating patients and dowsing for Frequency's.

I am able to find the exact Frequencies a person needs for their condition to bring their specific body and mind back into harmony with its purpose and connection to life.

I have been trained by doctors all over the Americas to be able to do what I do.

I have an accumulated knowledge base of more than 100 years in holistic medicine. 

Ranging from hypnosis therapies to chiropractic, nutrition and shamanic practices, and much more. 

My purpose in this Lifetime, is to bring true medicine to the people of the world so we may be able to have decentralized healing solutions for the majority of humanity. 

If you need Transformation I am your guide.

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