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Healing the People one Journey at a Time.

Heart Healing Therapy

"The Heart naturally knows how to unify and dissolve beliefs and mental constructs that may have held us in pain, confusion, and/or separation. HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma as we are held in the safety, love, and compassion of the heart. When we are able to stop identifying with who we are not, we are free to discover who we truly are. We not only work in the present moment but also access the original trauma where negative decisions and beliefs were formulated.  Step-by-step guidelines help us to gently identify and transform the emotional component of disease in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns that have sustained wounding within the immediate family and the family lineage. Inside this gentle and respectful process is a very direct, straightforward approach that pierces straight to the core of an issue." from the Chikly Institute

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(all remote sessions are done via Zoom/Skype)

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Anna IG: Wyldwomyn

I am reveling in gratitude right now: what you shared with me truly moved vast energy and I’ve woken up different today without a consuming weight and grief which I had before. Guys, you truly helped me move energy, I can’t express the depths of the importance and grace and I know you know… I can’t wait to go and continue to write about it today and I’ll be in touch with that. I really love you both so much. I was extremely faded at dinner afterward and felt unavailable and am sorry if I wasn’t so connected. I am just so astounded today by how I feel, thank you will all my soul. See you soon and bless you. 💜🔑✨ I experienced some very sacred, powerful soul work with Jewels and Lor. We had just met on the beach playing with their unlit fire toys close to the sunset hour in Ayampe. I entered this session after a deeply enlivening and nourishing and life-affirming and spirituality-confirming conversation with Lor about his relationship with Source, the Spirit of the Pure, True Christ (not to be confused with the negative thought form, Jesus) which connected him and introduced him directly to Yahweh, after meeting his wife who suggested he talk to Christ when he was experiencing a deep awakening of his shamanic path and extreme initiations. All this resonated truthfully and deeply with me and I felt my heart activating with excitement and truth as we spoke. I couldn’t stop asking questions and he was excitedly telling me his life experience. In one moment, I ended up bringing forth that I had had 2 abortions in an extremely passionate but addictive and abusive even physically violent and psychologically damaging and spiritually suicidal relationship that left me in a state of great grief I’d been constantly working through ever since leaving the relationship months ago, and even while I was still in it. Lor offered to give me a session right then and there on the beach. I lay down on the sand and Jewels appeared again in that moment and joined us and immediately showed passion, willingness and joy in guiding the session with Lor. Their light easy energy is so nourishing, delightful, and inspiring. I will try to be as accurate as I can in my description of the session that followed though I admit the order of certain things may be slightly different because it did not feel like linear time. But it will be as close as possible to the reality that transpired. I lay down on the sand face-up and they began to create the sacred space and were moving energy around my body and chakras with their hands and focusing in a way that made me feel deeply contained, trusting, and at ease. My eyes were then closed. Lor started speaking. He first called the four archangels who he later showed me were associated with the four corresponding elements, who held the four corners of the sacred container-space. Then, the fifth element was summoned, and he chanted the names of Yeshua and Yahweh, and invited me to join with my voice in calling them in. Then he had me invite all my protective angels in who have protected and guarded me throughout life. He said to let him know when they were present. So when I felt/imagined what seemed to be 2 figures on either side of me, I let him know they were there. At one point he asked me to focus on what I was experiencing in the established arrival of the presence of and direct connection with Yahweh: I could see a six pointed star in the center of an eye, with concentric circles pulsing like ripples of light moving outward from the center. Lor asked me what it was saying to me if anything, and I said what came to me, which was “You are home.” And I felt presence of pure Love. Lor then tapped the center of my chest and asked me what I felt in the presence of these essences of pure spiritual energy and I said “supported”. He guided me to breathe in this feeling of support. I felt great grounding and expansiveness at once. Then I stated the intention of the session, that I would be placing my focus on my ended relationship with my latest partner, and on the spirits of the two children I had aborted. First, all the men I had been involved with or who had a strong relationship to me in my life were assembled there into the space in the presence of Yeshua, in a circle formation. My father was there, 2 exes from my past, my grandfather, and my last, most recent partner. I acknowledged their presence in this new light. I felt safety and that the lumps of ugliness I had been holding was starting to diminish in a newly expansive space that had been created. I felt protected from the energetic violation, discomfort, pressure and intrusion from my father, his vampiric negativity, his fear, worry, and apathy. I felt the judgement of my grandfather while sheltered and shielded from it. The lovers who had disrespected and attacked me were all present as well, yet I remained safe. Then Lor prompted me to focus on my latest lover. I saw my latest lover in the presence of Yeshua. His head fell back, his chest opened forward and outward when normally it was closed and held inward. He was with grace and gratitude. Lor told me to say what I was moved to say and I said I love you. Lor said to state anything he says to me. He says he loves me and he was scared. I breathed this in, receiving his answer. Then Lor guided me to envision this partner coming forth to me from the light of Yahweh, approaching me with a gift. He told me to describe how his eyes and face were, and I saw he was happy and stable and centered in his eyes, innocent. He handed me a golden box. Lor asked me what the golden box was and I said Forgiveness. I felt a rush of emotion and joy. I felt and understood it was mutual forgiveness to and from and around both of us. Then we called in the spirits of the two children I aborted. When Lor asked me their response to my summoning them to be with me there, they laughed and smiled at me and I was crying. Lor asked me what they have to say. They told me that they are coming back, to hold on to us this time. I felt their love and joy. After their visitation we started to close the session. Lor moved his hand in circles over my abdomen. Several times throughout the session his hands were holding gently the top of my head and lower abdomen, and sometimes moving energy to the heart area and solar plexus. I was asked at one point where I felt the dominant energy and it was in the solar plexus and heart, like the stable root of my heart chakra. Jewels and Lor then closed the session slowly and gently by moving the energy through my whole body and grounding my new life and body into the new energy, Lor continuing to circle the energy in my center and head chakras and Jewels giving a gentle massage on my arms legs, my hands and feet, up to my hips, deeply grounding me. We gently closed the session and I opened my eyes to the transformed beach, right after the sun had set. I felt extremely calm and expanded, and happy. I felt a great relief and excitement in and throughout my entire system. The next morning I was very happily surprised to notice evidence that the energy had been deeply moved and replaced with a great new calm. Permanently. While I had normally awoken to the memory of this partner with a deep physical connection and heavy grief and feeling of excruciating absence and loss, this morning I simply thought of him and that was all- my energy and emotions were weightless and calm and happy. The grief in the pit of my abdomen had literally been cleared. My whole life I will be grateful to Lor and Jewels for their elegant miraculous work. The session was truly a miracle in my life that lives on. Thank you with all my soul.

Lor's Learning Journey 

My Healing practice was formed over 8 years of Travel and mentorship through the Americas (North and South). I studied with Frequency Healers, Chiropractors, Hypnosis Facilitators, Shamans, Functional MDs, Reiki Masters, Physical Therapists, Cranial Sacral doctors and Naturopaths.   I believe I will always be a student and teacher, no matter how old or wise I become. The the creation known as the Human is so unique and multi-layered that it would take multiple life times to fully understand everything that goes into this beautiful Design of Source Life.  You and I are divine reflections of God; so to think we understand Source with our little brains and distorted culture, is a crime all its own.  If I learned anything from studying with so many doctors and practitioners it is this,  "no human fully knows the ways of God and its creation, the Human Being." So in my practice, I combine all that I have learned with the guidance system of Christ Consciousness, to create a unique experience designed for each soul's healing journey.  If your willing to put in the work, I'm willing as well :)

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