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Welcome to the Heart vibe Tribe  

Web page!

Hellooo! We are Lor and Julia Christiansen. We are the founding members of the Heart Vibe Tribe.

We are happily married and we are both Artists and Healers. Lor is a Frequency Medicine Practitioner and Heart Healing Therapist, and Julia being a Visual Artist specializing in bringing heavenly sights to the canvas ; we help each

other and others to unlock the Healer and Artist in one another. In transparent explanation, this website is to give the world a new look at a version of Sacred Union during this transitionary time in Earth's history of Awakening Consciousness across the globe.

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Our intention for this site is to share Beauty, Love, Joy, Compassion, and Truth Telling for the generations to come.  Our vision for this site is to be a breath of fresh energy to restore the viewer's hope for love in life. Through creative works, We hope to offer answers and experiences for generations to come.  As we accumulate followers and an audience, we hope to offer our platform to aid artists and healers in the future. We find the hardest thing about being an artist or healer, is developing an audience and/or marketing yourself. If artists and healers had more time to dedicate to their crafts, the world would be a much more beautiful and happy place. Artists have been exploited for centuries to control the public's way of viewing the world and spirit. We believe its about time for Source Love to take control of the Arts and show the world how to Love again.  

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